The format in the excel is corrupted when added to the body of the mail. How can I solve this problem in uipath?


As can be seen in the second picture, the format of the numbers is distorted.

@hb61 May I know the process you did before this change in the file

I did the alignment and filtering and copied it to a new page. I added the table on the new page to the body of the mail and sent it.

@hb61 Is it possible to share one sample file

What steps you are following to copy the excel data to Mail Body?

If you are creating HTML code using Excel data, then you have to handle the “Average of rating” column to round the number.

Hi @hb61 ,

Could you try enabling Preserve Format in the Read Range Activity and see if that works out for you?


If not, then we’d appreciate it if you could share a sample excel file so that we can test and developed a solution for you.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

fixed, thank you :grinning:

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