The following invoked workflows are missing

I have a project which has helper classes in a seperate folder. Because of this I am using the “Invoke Workflow File” with an absolute path.

When im clicking on the “open Workflow” button, then im actually getting to the file I want and arguments are also working and are imported correctly. Then I am starting the process though, then I am getting this error:

I have no idea anymore, why this would happen, any help is appreciated.

With many greeting

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Hi @Floschi ,

Are you getting same issue when you re - Invoke same workflow again?

If it is yes means then could you check library or manage package of that invoke workflow!


I guess you use Windows compatibility project (not Windows legacy).
In Windows compatibility, we can invoke a workflow file only under project folder using InvokeWorkflowFile activity because of compiling.
If you need to call xaml in other project, make it to library or use Windows-legacy compatibility.


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I am actually using the “normal” windows compatibility and that is the problem then. The question, that I am asking myself then: Why would anyone use the “normal” windows compatibility. I only have problems with it since I switched some time ago from legacy. (and why are they not throwing an error before compiling then or give a error that is actually meaningfull, but that is not a question to be question here in the forum)

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