The extracted data was lost when the website encountered an error

I tried to extract data from a specific website using Excel data. Excel contains 90 search data. When I had completed 20 -26 searches, the website showed the error message “System busy retry later”. Extract web execution ended automatically. But I did not get the extracted data of those 20-26 searches. So again I tried to search and extract for those 90 data. But I could not complete the task. In it again the website showed “System busy error”. I did not receive the extracted data before showing the error message. How to solve these problems. Help me.

error :
Click ‘INPUT ContentPlaceHold…’: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Search failed at selector tag:

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Can you either share the xaml file or explain what you are doing step by step?

I can help if I can understand whether you are using loops, try catch block, output UI automation activities, where you are saving the extracted data.