The Error: Failed To Run License <License Number>. There Are No Active Licenses.

Error fix for" Failed to run license . There are no active licenses."

Symptoms: When trying to run a component of the FlexiCapture environment (such as Verification Station, Data Verification Station, Scanning Station, FlexiLayout Studio, FormDesigner, etc), the error pops up on start.

Root Cause: The license count of available stations of the mentioned type is exceeded (all stations are busy).

Resolution: ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 License Manager contains information about usage statistics allowed in the scope of the license number stations in the table view.

To take a look at it, go Service > License Use Statistic:

The mentioned error occurs if a number in column "Busy" (2) is equal to the number in column "Total" (1) and there are no free stations. In this list you may also see, who is working right now with a station of the desired type (3), to get an idea of who can release the busy license.