The document has unresolved activities Error

Hi all

I get this error when I move my project to a server that has a uipath license purchased.
I developed this project in the community edition.

As you can see in the screenshots I downloaded all packages. Also i have to add this; this inactive activities are very basic activities: like Type Into or Select Item.

What is the solution?



This sorta errors pop up when the package versions are not synced correctly.

As you mentioned, if the activites which are used are the basic once, then we have the issue with the package version!

Please compare the package versions for the earlier server and the new server.

Yes the package version’s are different. Earlier server is 4.4 and new one is 9.2.

But this is not an error that “Error detecting project version”.

And also; when i trying to open this xaml file first; i have been getting “Error detecting project version”. Then i delete the json file and open the xaml again. Then xmal file recreate its jason again. This is how i get this “missing or invalid activity” error.

@mazlumkacar Try this Solution and let me know


I guess, I got the problem now, just delete the .json file from the project file and then open the project like you always do.


When i did this i could open the project but unfortunately i got the same error.

@indra @hacky