The device is not ready - issue while running the process through orchestrator in VDI

Has anybody faced this issue, this sometimes happens in the middle of the process while BOT is deleting and excel sheet. from local drive.
This issue I have seen only while running in VDI, runs perfectly in local.
It generates a system exception and BOT fails.

If possible can I have the screenshot of the error you were getting
Cheers @Faraz_Subhani

This is from the logs

On the screen, the process simply stops without popping up any message.

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Is your robot connected to orchestrator
Cheers @Faraz_Subhani

Yes and I am running the process form robot.

Kindly restart your robot service in your machine and try once
Go to Windows Services (type “services.msc” on startmenu) and start the service named “UiRobotSvc”.

Cheers @Faraz_Subhani

Hi that service it shows as already ‘Running’

Yah restart once and try here buddy

When you are login with ur credentials and running bot & deleting files ,you are able to do it because you have permission to delete it.
But in case when Bot is trying to delete , it is getting failed ,because Bot is not having permission to delete files from local drive. It may be authentication issue .
Try it and pls share it worked or not

Hi, so I don’t have permission to restart the service, anyways I have restarted the VDI(not sure if that restarts the service as well), but even after restarting VDI i am facing the same issue.

Hi, thanks for your response, actually I never go and delete any sheets using my ID.
I will tell you the scenario.
So the process involves extracting details of few employees, can be any number, for every employee 1 excel sheet is downloaded, details are extracted, few other processes are involved and then the sheet is deleted and another sheet is downloaded for the next employee.
BOT deletes sheets for employees except for the last employee and throws system exception saying that-‘Device is not ready’