The Default tenant - deleted

Hi. I deleted by mistake the Default tenant and do not know how to reinstall it. Please help.

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Hi @amalia.temneanu
Please contact UiPath Technical Support

Thanks, but I cannot access the Orchestrator to get the license code in order to submit the request. Any advice?

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No need , just give your orchestrator registration email and relevant data.Theny r

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Kindly clarify it’s a enterprise or community,
and are you telling about DEFAULT FOLDER or DEFAULT TENANT

Because default tenant is a admin tenant which is created as first tenant whenever orchestrator is installed or used in case of community edition and it can’t be deleted, rather only could be enabled or disabled.

If its a folder no worries you can still create folders, where go to FOLDERS tab and create folders of type CLASSIC which has the same roles and permissions as a Default folder…

Cheers @amalia.temneanu

Hi, thank you for your answer.
I have an enterprise trial and I am telling about the default tenant.
Please find below the log info from the Audit Logs section:

Remove Administrator ‘Amalia Temneanu’ deleted service ‘BetaDefault’ Sat 11 Jul 2020 10:27:03 UTC ServiceInstanceName= BetaDefault, Licenses= Unattended (Runtime) Robots License-1,NonProduction (Runtime) Robots License-0,Attended (Named User) Robots License-2,Studio (Concurrent User) License-0,Attended (Concurrent User) Robots License-0,Studio X (Concurrent User) License-0,Studio (Named User) License-0,Studio Pro (Concurrent User) License-0,Studio X (Named User) License-0,Testing (Runtime) Robots License-1,Studio Pro (Named User) License-2*

hi amalia, even i accidentally uninstalled my default tenant. Writing just to confirm was your issue resolved?

Hey Palaniyappan!

I have deleted default tenant by mistake is there any way i can have it back in place. It would be really helpful if you would reply.