The created ML Skill is still under deployment

I am trying to use the AI Fabric service and I successfully created a Sentiment Analysis model. Now I want to use it so I created the ML skill by adding the created model but once I created the ML skill, it is still under deployment as below so no way for me to use it in the studio via ML Skiil Activity :frowning:

In studio, the ML skill won’t be there yet

Screenshot 2022-09-16 141049

I don’t know why ths is … :frowning: Please help me out :slight_smile:

Hi @Rusira_Liyanage ,

Could you let us know approximately from how many minutes the Status is in Deploying State ?

Hi @supermanPunch
The ML Skill is still under deployment as below

The time right now is like
Screenshot 2022-09-16 145343

Neverthless, now I got to see that the Sentiment Analysis ML model is also still under the deployment as below.

This is ackward to me, why is this really happening ? :frowning:
Your support is highly appreciated !! :slight_smile:

@Rusira_Liyanage ,

It indeed seems there is an issue with the Deployment of the Sentiment Analysis model as I am too facing the same issue.

We could report it / there might be an update going on with respect to the ML Packages and maybe that is the reason. We could tag UiPath officials and clarify this state.

Hey @supermanPunch
Thank you so much for staying it tough with me.
At the end of the day I can see that the model and the ML skill both are avaliable as below.

The Sentiment Analysis Model has been succesffully deployed

The ML Skill has been successfully deployed

The ML skill is also accisible via Studio theoght MLSkill Activity, but… still it is not working. I am getting the following error when I test it :frowning:

We are so unforfunate :frowning: but nevertheless, how can we report this issue to them supermanPunch ? :slight_smile:

Thank You!

Hello @Rusira_Liyanage,

One AI Robot can serve two ML Skills or run one ML training job concurrently.

Could you please confirm if you have already deployed two ML skills, if Yes than disconnect one out of two and try to deploy the 3rd one.


Hi @Sanjit_Pal ,

Yes you are correct, I had deployed 3 ML Skills for the time being so kept the latest one and stop other 2 of them like below

Priviously …

Now …

Afterwards, I checked it on Studio and Thanks to you it worked :slight_smile: as below.

Thank you so much, Sanjit … You are the best :slight_smile:

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