The config Dictionary in RE Framework is pass by reference?

If we add a new field to “in_config” in “GetTransactionData” state , then the new field is added to “Config” dictionary in “Initialization” state automatically though the type of argument is "Input Argument.
Can anyone explain the reason for this.

yes its pass by reference.

lets say i have two sequences “A”, and “B”. sequence “A” calls sequence “B”


and sequence B has one input argument in_config with direction = In


If you add a field to Config inside sequence “A”, it will show in sequence “B” because the direction of the input argument = “In”, but if you add a field to in_config inside sequence “B”, it doesnt update in sequence “A”

If you change the argument type to in/out, then if you add a field inside in_config in sequence “B”, it will update in sequence “A” as well

But when I’m adding a field to in_config in “Sequence B” it is getting updated to config in sequence A though the type of Argument is “input”.

@maciej kuzmicz Can you please help me with this?