The closest match found is exactly the same as my own selector

Hi, when running my process from Orchestrator, I get a selector timeout error at one of my Get Attribute activities.
This is the error message:

As you can see the closest match [99%] that Orchestrator gives me is the exact same selector tag as my number [4] that it says failed.
How can it say it cannot find my selector tag but then give a closest match of 99% that is in fact the exact same tag?

How do I resolve this?


I’ve removed the 99% match issue hy updating the selector. Made it more dynamic. I removed the elements and kept only absolutely necessary elements in selector.

That’s strange why it shows this behavior. May be this needs to be taken into consideration for a possible bug.

May be @loginerror can comment?

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Hi, yes I think it must be an orchestrator bug

It doesn’t have anything to do with Orchestrator. I suspect the selector he created actually matched multiple items on the page, and that caused the error. He fixed the selector and it worked.