The browser failed to launch. (When trying to login to citrix)

Hi Team,

I am able to login once I manually open the URL using image Automation. However, when I try to use open browser activity to take the URL and open it and eventually log into, I receive “the browser failed to launch” error message. Can anyone help with this?



can you try Start Process Instead?

and then your just the attach browser activity and navigate to with the URL


Hi @fernando_zuluaga ,
Thank you so much, that’s worked. Moving forward, am I going to do the same thing when this process is eventually deployed on the virtual machine.
Just to make it clear.

  • The “Start process” with URL Can open which is the same as when I was using Open browser, but my issue is after that I’d expect the login creds work. That part does not work with the open browser. What would you think could be the cause?
    -In Short, I want the process to Open the URL and do the login
    If it’s not against the forum policy and you are familiar with citrix, I want to reach out to you via mail. Thanks!


well, maybe the citrix receiver is not working as expected, so maybe you should chooise the computer vision and image automation, becasue the normal activities wont work on virtual machines properly


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