The bar after downloading files in internet explorer does not dissapear with click activity

In CreateYearly Workflow in assignment 2 I have a click that close the download Bar appear when the monthly report is downloaded, sometimes works but sometimes does not. The activity it looks like this.CloseDownloadBar
The selector is the following

Sometimes works perfectly I mean, close all the bars while robot is downloading files but, I do not know why most of times it leaves at least one of the month downloaded opened, it stays like following image.

Propertis are like this

But the problem is that most of times it leaves one bar opened and it stay there while robot is working to another pages
Oh, At first my activity was not inside in attach browser, I attached it after realize this and it also persists the problem.
Please, could you help me what could be happening or weather there is another way to close it?
Thank you in advance.

Try to use Element Exists before clicking on the button. It will confirm that element is there and now it can be clicked

One more way is, add DelayAfter value to some value like 3000. It will work.