The background color cause the column number increase

Some of you have encountered that when reading an excel file, the entire sheet has a background color, causing the number of dataTable columns read to exceed 10,000.
if there is,how to do

Hi @maxzz

You can always use filter Datatable and pass a condition row doesn’t contain null value

Hope this helps


Using this method, I need to filter the entire dataTable in a loop, but I don’t need the first row when reading excel, but it feels inaccurate if the filter is not based on the first row


Do you have any sample sheet and sample xaml file where you are getting error?

If you upload those then hope you will get some assistance


I solved this problem,just change the activity :the read range of excel to the read range of workbook,then the dataTable will not include the cell which was null but has background color;I do not know why it can do that ;i will check the different about them;
And thanks for your help