The activity 'WaitImageAppear' with ID 144 threw or propagated an exception while being canceled

Hi there…

I’m having severals time this error, I dont know why.


The scenario is : I have a to identify a message that could be any every time, I found around 5 differents messages, so I found that pick branch will be my best option to capture this messages (Citrix Enviroment). I did and with On Image Appear I captured every message, but sometimes I got this error. And I dont know why.

Somebody have any idea to help me please?

Did you fix this error? I’m also getting this exception while using a On Image Appear activity inside a Pick branch, not seeing a way to fix this.

long time ago … not sure … but did you check Repeat Forever to False ?

Yes. That was already unchecked.

The exception is thrown when the On Image Appear activity hits timeout. Looks like instead of throwing a ActivityTimeoutException, the activity throws a InvalidOperationException if it is used inside a pick branch.

are you working on Citrix or Web?

I’m working on a desktop application which doesn’t support UiPath selectors.

did you try working with the citrix extension?

Yes, but I’m not on Citrix environment, so the installation fails.

still with the problem?

No, I came to the conclusion that it is thrown instead of the timeout exception. So I’m using a try - catch to catch this error. :smile:


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