TFS Project Synchornization Issue - Files on Read Only Mode

Hi Everyone!!!
I’m having and Issue in my 2021.4 UiPath Studio version when I’m trying to synchronize a project from TFS.
First of all, I have my TFS server configure as you can see in the image below:

And when I open a project from my TFS repository, the project doesn’t open automatically and when I open it manually, all the files are in Read Only mode and Studio notifies me that It’s not synchronized with TFS.
I don’t see any exceptions on the Studio.log file or in the Event Viewer, what I find odd is that there is not a VersionControl.config at AppData\Local\Microsoft\Azure DevOps\8.0\Cache\Volatile
Thanks for reading and I would really appreciate the help!!

Can you please share a recording of the the behaviour seen? Or at least some print screen of the behaviour seen after opening project.

Thank you so much for answering Alexandru. First of all I’ll share with you an image of the exception thrown by UiPath.
We worked with our IT Help Desk and It seems that for some reason TFS blocked the access to my computer (We’re not sure why this happened).
We changed the computer’s hostname and now I can work with TFS and UiPath again.

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