TFS + How the Orchestrator work with VM

Hello, I need some informations about TFS / VM.

Does Uipath work good with TFS 2010?

How exactly work the Orchestrator when using VM for the prod / dev environment?

My idea of it is that the Orchestrator is hosted in a machine and it’s open a VM from a image to start a job. So I just need some confirmation on this and details if possible. :slight_smile:


TFS 2010 is very old now. I have used Git source control with TFS 2016 and UiPath with no issues.

UiPath recommend that should have multiple Orchestrator deployments, one per environment.

I’m not sure where the VM is in your scenario. Are you starting a VM that has a robot on it and then running a job? Or is Orchestrator running on a VM?

for the moment we are using a Windows Server with 2 sessions (Prod / Dev) but we are looking to switch to a VM infrastructure.

So I thought the best plan was to use a hosting machine for the Orchestrator and to have some VM that the Orchestrator can open to run a job and close when it’s done. Just not sure if it actually work that ways.

It should work with no issues on TFS 2010. As for hosting the Orchestrator on the VM is fine too. That’s how it is hosted in my environment. The only thing you should be careful with is the spacing. Depending on how many jobs you will be running per day, as your logs could get filled out and your Orchestrator server will hang out so you must log in and clear the logs. So I would be wise with the spacing and logs on your VM hosting.