TextFields Changes when ASP page loads

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I have a Form to fill with data. It has some Text Fields as any other Form. I do have my selectors set up for every fields I need but, for some reason after I turn the PC off or start over the studio all those Selectors start to change their ‘TextFieldID’, I mean, one time could show ‘TextField17’ and then later on will change to ‘TextField23’. I have a feeling that depends on the URL that loads the page but so far I’m using one that stays the same, it stays static so, if the URL does not change every time, the Selectors should not change internally/dynamically either.

***Any idea on how to approach this plz?

See Pictures below:



The website is designed to have dynamic references to the elements.
I see the aaname field is in relation with what actually the field does. Hence, you can remove the id property from the selector and try if that works.

The other solution which is more accurate is to open the selector in UiExplorer and try the combination of parent element references and different static properties. (ex., For the Input element specified in the above image, add class property)

Hope this helps!

Hi @Madhavi,

Thx for replying.I was replying I’ve tried to add parent elements and properties but did not know how to do that and thank GOD! I think I know how now. I have ‘Checked’ one of the elements above and it was added to the current one so I can finally get one of its properties.

As you can see on the img below, my original element is at the bottom, then above that I have checked the one that is giving me the new property I needed before.

Is that how you do it because it’s working now jeje?


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