Text to speech Male Female voice

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hey @Anusha_Makam … even i also stuck at the same problem…just ping me if you got any solution.

Can you please the whole process in detail.how you are doing
Aman Sheik

Hello @abhay,

Yea sure. Hope you can do the same too.

Hello @aman_sheik,

I have to integrate this code into uipath. This is python code and works fine in python idle and command prompt as well. Hope, you can suggest some solution.


import speech_recognition as sr

#obtain audio from the microphone
r = sr.Recognizer()
with sr.Microphone() as source:
print(“Speak into the microphone”)
audio = r.listen(source)

print("Transcription: " + r.recognize_google(audio))
except sr.UnknownValueError:
print(“Audio unintelligible”)
except sr.RequestError as e:
print(“Cannot obtain results; {0}”.format(e))

Thanks ,

Do we need to pay for service account in GCP?

Is there anyway to save the audio file? Thanks