Text file to Ms Access

Hi ,

I have text file many line , I need to read line by line then save specific fields to Ms Access table

For Example
EUR in Filed 1 , filed 2 735927.75 in Other filed

And continue read Text file until find 33B then store in in Filed 1 and Field 2

Many Thanks I am new in UiPath .


Hi @aljazeeri72,

  1. Read Text file
  2. Get the value of Field 1 and field2 using regular expression.
  3. Store these value in Access

I hope this will help you.


Hy @aljazeeri72, welcome to the Uipath forum.

To interact with Ms Access you must use the Uipath Database package.
If you provide a sample text file I can prepare a workflow for you. I have worked with this package