Text exists not working as expected


I am using the text exists activity to search for the particular string, for eg. “CORP_GI_PREV_MONTH”
If this string is not available it should return false, if it is available it should return true.
But in my scenario I have “CORP_GI_PREV_MONTH_New”, so the code should return False, but it is returning as True.
How can this be resolved.

Hi @Megha_D_Gowda

You can do the below thing instead of Text Exists Activity :-

Below is the workflow for the same :-
MainPratik.xaml (7.3 KB)

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I will explain my actual requirement.
I am looking for the string “CORP_GI_PREV_MONTH”, in the above image

If the “CORP_GI_PREV_MONTH” is available it should display true and then click, else it should scroll down and look for the particular string till the end of the page.
Everything is working fine, but only text exists is not working as expected. It is clicking “CORP_GI_PREV_MONTH_New”


Can you share a selector of any value and the CORP_GI_PREV_MONTH_NEW selector also


This is the selector I have

Try to use Find Children Activity, if it works then you can easily loop through the every list item and match your cases.