Text Exists cannot detect a string including zero

I’m trying to check existence of a word including both alphabets and numbers (ex. a0b1c)
from a website by using “text exists” activity.

if “Text” property is like “a”, “b1c”, or “1” then Text Exists returns True.
but if Text property is like “a0b1c”, or just “0” then Text Exists returns False.

Or, when Text is chr(48), it returns True.
but when Text is “a” + chr(48) + “b1c”, it returns False.

Finally I achieved to detect the word by using Get Text activity and string.contains() method.
However, i would like to know its reason.


Hi @motoba,
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Did you solve the problem?

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No, i don’t

i want to know the reason why Text Exist method cannot detect a word including 0(zero).

Hi @motoba ,

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this might help you .

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Your link is interesting, but unfortunately the thread is not exactly what i want to know.

After further debugging, i found that this problem was specific for the web service that i used (Oracle Business Intelligence 11g.)
And that ScrapedText.ToString.Contains(“your label text”) in your link could be applied to my problem.

Though the reason is still unclear, i’ll use Contains method.
Thank you for your help!


Welcome happy to help!

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