Text box inside an Excel file

Hello there, today i have this issue:

I have a textbox inside an Excel file…how can i read it?

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You can use the activity Get Text Full for read whatever textbox in Excel app. https://activities.uipath.com/docs/get-full-text
For more specific solution you can give me more details about your issue.

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Well, inside an excel file, i have a macro that allow to uset the file as a program, the thing is, inside the file, i only cant interact with the computer vision.

And i need to select one of the options inside this menu:

How can i select one of them?

One simple option is:

  1. Drag and drop “Select Item Activity”. https://activities.uipath.com/docs/select-item
  2. Indicate on screen and choice combo box.
  3. Click “selector” in properties and “Open in UiExploer” on pop-up window
  4. Select the option you want
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Its not supported, it’s because things inside excel sheet, can’t be selected this way apparently.

If you do not find a better way to do this, you can make a simulate clic for open options and then find the option and clic this by simulate clic.

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