Text area length

Hi Team,

I have an address text area. I want each line in text area should accept 40 characters only.
Kindly share a sample code.

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Can u share the text screenshot which u nee for extract

I think regex pattern can help you

Hello @Balan ,

can you share us the Sampletext?

I have only 1 line of code for text area
I need to key 5 lines in this each line should accept 40 characters max.

a more detailed explanation and sample text would really help.

Maybe you are looking on how you can split a longer text into chunks with max 40char per each chunk. For this have a look here:

@peter it is like.
I am keying the 1st address line
No 50, Washington Avenue Washington Aven
The above line contains 40 characters including blank space whatever i key after that should come in 2nd line thats it.

then you can split a long string into chunks as mentioned above