Text Area Issues

I was typing a text from excel to a text area in issues in github.
Sample Text:
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Enter the acceptance URL. and on Landing page obeserve.
    Actual: on Landing page "The top events in " is displayed instead of "The Top events in visakhapatnam.

When there is a text in new line the submit button below is being clicked without entering remaining text i.e Steps to Reproduce is only typed in the text area.

@Sravya_Jetti Can you show us how have you implemented the process in UiPath by sending a ScreenShot?

I need to enter text in comment section in git issues.

This is how I implemented in uipath studio

Whenever there is a text in new line in excel description column, submit new issue button in git is being clicked.

This is sample text I need to enter in comment section.

@Sravya_Jetti So after the First Line is Written , it Submits the Issue Clicking on the button?

Yes, after entering first line submit button is clicked and remaining text is enter is other text area’s present in the page.
Sometimes in the search bar and sometimes in search in the label dropdown.

@Sravya_Jetti Can you type into that area manually and Check what happens, When you click enter if Submits again, Then there is no issue actually,. you just need to Remove New Lines in your Input Text :sweat_smile:


have you tried option “Simulate click” in properties?

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When I do the same manually submit button is not clicked. I can enter text in new line by clicking enter.

I just tried by seeing your reply. Its working when this property is marked as true.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Please mark it as solution.


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