Text And Click alert

I design a web process. There is an alert box, I need the text on the alert box and click it. since the alert is not a web element I can not inspect it. How can I fullfill this taks?

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I don’t understand why you cannot inspect this alert box. What do you mean, it is not a web element?
Maybe you can provide a screenshot for better understanding.

Usually you can use the Get Text Activity to retrieve the text and then use a Click Activity to click the box or the button or whatever. In complicated cases you can use OCR technology, use shortcuts or hotkeys instead of clicking or use Click Image Activities.

Cheers, Lukas

in this web page, can you click to the Try It button. It will generate an alert. After apperaing the alert, can you try to inspect it? I could not do it.

Does indeed look tricky, but I was able to get the text on the alert box and close the alert box by sending hotkeys: ctrl+a to select text; ctrl+c to copy; " " (space) to close the alert box.

Try for yourself :slight_smile:

I will try, thank you for your response. If I it is inspected it, it would better for my case.

You can always try to use the UiExplorer. Sometimes you can find the selector of the element in there, even if indicating it within activities doesn’t work.