Testing Uipath using Uipath


I want to know what is the possibility of Testing Uipath by Uipath bot ?

Explanation: I have tried this scenario, Testing Uipath xaml file by Uipath through python scope activity and parsing of xaml, and I was pretty successful, but there is more customization involved and cannot be used in a generic scope.

can we build a Test Automation Bot using Uipath to validate and test each functionalities in Real time ?
Like running a Uipath bot and simultaneously checking its functionalities by Uipath Bot.

if it is near to impossible, what are the other ways of Testing Uipath in Realtime?

waiting for your response

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I don’t think you can run more than one job at the same time since the UiRobot.exe would be not available for the second job while the other runs. You could experiment with the Parallel activity.

I think you would probably need to run your python script or any script used for the testing at the start of your job that you are testing, so it’s run on the same robot.

It’s not something I have done though.


It was quite interesting to know, Can you explain what you mean by testing UiPath in real time :slight_smile: ? How do you validate xaml ?

If there is any error in the workflow, the UiPath will compile that and show you the warning there @hemant_6 .

Please explain the scenario which you are trying to do

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its purely based on the process like we wont be able to develop a single bot to validate any kind of process as each process will have different set of actions to be carried out and thats cool that you were able to validate that with a python script, and i wonder how its able to validate different process…
Great so if we are good with python then no worries we can have a process where we run that script and followed by we can use START JOB activity to run the process involved
–but make sure that we are not running them together

Cheers @hemant_6

Hi Clayton, @ClaytonM

Firstly I appreciate the fast response from you.

yeah I will check with parallel activity and let you know my results along with xaml (if possible)

But is there any other way to test Uipath in Real time ?

Example:let’s say there is a Uipath bot which does webscrapping and saves it in a particular folder, can we create a system or are there any existing systems which can be used to test each functionality or activities that are implemented

In short : Can we test Uipath in Realtime ?

Hi Hareesh

Sure thing, I can explain the scenario

let’s say, there is a Uipath bot which takes input from user, web scraps some data and sends that data to some X person in mail, Can we test this Uipath bot in realtime, i mean validating every activity and tracking the activities list in realtime.

Hope this is clear

Can you please explain me , CI/CD integration, how can that be helpful for testing


yeah, what I have done was customization using python scope only to find out what all activities where involved in xaml and had to use it only for one kind of process.

True, every process is distinct, but can we create a more generic Solution to solve this problem.

Also, can you please throw some light on how to deal with this kind of scenario of testing Uipath in RealTime

Thanks for the avid advice. :slight_smile:

Actually I am talking to test other web development projects with uipath not uipath project itself

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