Testing Uipath in Real time


Can we test Uipath in Real time.

Explanation: If there are 50 workflows and all the workflows need to be tested, can we do execution and testing simultaneously.

Hi @hemant_6,
Each workflow run required separate robot to test. This is the only way to run all at the same time. Orchestrator will be needed as well.

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Hi @Pablito

I get it that workflows are executed by separate bot, what I need to know is

" Is there a possibility or Is there an existing system or can we create a system using Uipath, where we can run the main xaml file and simultaneously validate the activity. Testing Uipath xaml file in real time, I mean testing Uipath modules in real time "

Thanks you

Oh sorry for misunderstanding. Hmm you have debugging option where you can run process step-by-step and together with checking activities all action will be triggered as well :slight_smile: Just go here:

Can we Automate this activity because for each workflow we cannot monitor and check since it becomes a cumbersome task again. Do we have a possibility to build a Uipath bot to automate this debugging.
In short " can we automate this realtime testing "

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It’s quite interesting case. But in my opinion it’s not designed to automate it. Each workflow is different and can throw different errors. By automating it you would need to predict situations like this and finally you would end up with another workflow for debugging (another “inception”). It was rather designed for manual debug during development process.

yeah, any suggestions you recommend to tackle this situation ? @Pablito :slight_smile:
“Are there any frameworks or should we create a framework for Test Automating the Uipath in Realtime ?”

Also, can we experiment with parallel activity in Uipath for this scenario and how much brighter side you find with Uipath Parallel activity. :roll_eyes: @Pablito

I don’t have any solution on this currently. Regarding parallel activity it’s useful for normal workflow/robot things like making two actions at the same time. Not sure if this could be used for testing as it can throw error as well and will make your workflow prevent from running.

Indeed, parallel activity does things in random and will definitely result in fallacious output.
Thanks for having a thought on tackling for this problem, I admire your avid and precise responses.

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