Testing Purpose only

Testing Purpose only

Hi @shalu.mittal

Use HttpRequest Activity to hit the API store the HTTPS response.
Then Use Deserialize JSON Activity to deserialize the JSON.
Then Use Deserialize JSON Array to convert it into an array format.

Please try this.


The account is the first Array and awsAccounts is another array, right?

HI @SamanGuruge , Yes "Accounts” is the First array and then its subarray is “awsAccounts” . I tried thsi Linq (From p In jObjAuthResponse[“Accounts”][“awsAccounts”] Select (String) p [“email”]; )but its not working

I tried this as well but still not working

Hi @shalu.mittal ,

do as follows it easy

  1. use desterilize json array and pass following value
    yourdeserializedjsonstring(“Account”)(“awsAccounts”) .tostring
  2. this will return awsAccounts json array object
  3. then you can iterate array and take the email address or run a LINQ query to above array

@SamanGuruge Its not working i tried. Could you please create a workflow to extact email
using above JsonString so that i can refer.

Please find the attached code
JsonExtractEmail.zip (2.6 KB)


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