Testing Emails

Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to see if emails in the proper format are being sent out with out actually sending them. Since its multiple people from an excel file.


Sorry. I did not get you. Could you please tell more details for better understanding.

I want to test out my workflows and make sure the proper email are being selected and sent out how would i do that with out actually sending the email.


Just print those emails the one you want to pass it To part in Send Outlook activity.

Buddy @seanp92
Kindly correct me if i have understood your query wrongly
May be there two possibilities you have in your pocket like

  1. Say you have a set of emails already obtained from others in mailmessage datatype or
  2. Create a new mail with which you want to make sure the format is correct

so for

  1. If you the mail already and would like to forward them others, my kind suggestion is send them as it is because it would be right in terms of mail FORMAT…BUT if you want to check with unwanted text say inside the mail body, subject or recipients to be sent with you can use a if condition like mailmessage.body.Contains(“the word you want to cross check”)
    if it has you can stop the process with then part or can continue with else part of activities
    it applies to all like mailmessage.Headers.Subject.Contains(“the word you want to cross check”)

  2. If you have a new mail to be sent, you can check in similar way as above but this time not from a mailmessage rather with a text or string format of FILE

Though you get them in writeline or messagebox, you cannot stop the bot sending the mail and but checking the mail content before been sent can be done by these ways, and thats a good question indeed.

Hope this would help you