Testing applications created by Uipath for practicing

Hello all, Good Evening,

I am looking for the list of applications which were developed by Uipath for the users to practice their automation skills, for example we have ACME system1. If you could mention the name of applications and the link to those website it would be a great help for me to kick start. Even if you have atleast one in your mind, kindly let me know.
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Sathwik Reddy.

Hi @Sathwik_Chinthala_Reddy,

In the Academy we have ACME,SHA1 (http://www.sha1-online.com/)
you can find in below link for frm Anyteller Desktop application,
Lesson 1 AnyTeller


Thanks for your time and information @Latika10011740. I will add these two applications to my list. Kindly let me know if you come across any other applications and their links.
Have a great day.