Testing a Single Action

How can I test a single action? I’m finding that I need to backup and start the process from Step 1 in order to confirm that something is working properly.

Sorry, new to the app.

There is no individual component you can run and check except your current way but in debugging mode(F7) you can use breakpoint or one other way in debugging mode step into so you will get one by one activity execution as per flow steps

Thanks - I ended up making a new sequence, and cloning my original actions into the new sequence to test. Seems odd that there’s not a way to test a single action.

I agree. There should be something like a “Start from here” option so that you can start debugging code that is later in a sequence. Using breakpoints is not a good option because you still have to start from the very beginning each time to debug.

This is on Studio wish list, see Ideas.