Test workflow failing second time after opening the web page

I have created a workflow and I am calling it multiple times using data driven test case. If the screen is already opened, it works fine but if studio opens the screen itself it could not select the right button and it open things randomly.

@preeti.rathore it means selector changes you need to check exact selector? once you make selector then by refreshing application validate your selector one or two times. Thanks

Hi @preeti.rathore

First select the particular fields and then close the page and re-open the page and again check the selectors by validating in UiExplorer. If the field was no mentioned correctly then you can see the option repair in UiExplore by selecting the repair option you can change the selectors and might that works fine.


Hello @preeti.rathore

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Will it be possible to share the selector that you are using for the click activity? Also is there any delay in getting the button when you reopen the browser?


The selector looks fine but somehow it does not work and I’m unable to find why.

The selector works if the web page is already open but if I run the test case and it opens the browser then it breaks.

There is no delay in getting the button


To know the different…run the bot in debug mode and then when the selector fails when opening from bot…then go to ui explorer and re indicate the element and check what is the different between the selector that is identified and the selector of the current state of the elements…

Also it is worth checking if the page is completed loaded or not …sometimes that also can cause issues