Test Manager and Jira Cloud in Automation Suite

We have installed UiPath Automation Suite in our Azure environment (Test License). (Version 2022.10.0)

We were setting up Test Manager so it connects to Jira Cloud. We have setup our project in Jira and installed “ UiPath Test Manager for Jira” in the Jira setup.

We generated API Token for the account.

When creating the API Token we noticed the following on the Atlassian site.

We’re updating our API token length

On Jan 17, 2023, we’ll be extending the length of API tokens for Atlassian accounts. This ensures your tokens are more secure and reliable. Tokens created before Jan 17, 2023 will not be affected.

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Will this cause any issue when setting up the connection from Test Manager? They expanded to a 192 byte key.

When we try to create the connection in Task Manager, we get the following:

Internal Server Error.

I wanted to test if there is an issue with the length, so I tried a smaller API token. When I entered one which was between 1 and 160 bytes, it got the following error – this is as expected because the API token is incorrect but it is validating against Jira (which is not happening with the proper key)

The call to https://URL/rest/api/latest/project/TSA failed with status Unauthorized

Again, I am asking is the new API Code being generated by Atlassian causing a problem?