Test Management Tool

Is there any place where I can store my Automated Test Scripts and Test Scenarios just like(HP QC, ALM)? I want to make a centralized repository were everyone can view, update and schedule the test automation.
Can Orchestrator be used for storing test scripts and reporting defects just like HP QC?
Can UiPath integrate with HP QC? If yes then please let me know the process and document.
What other test management tools it can integrate with?

Hi, Are you familiar with PractiTest? It is an ALM test management solution, that allows you to centralize your test scripts and test scenarios (automated, manual and even exploratory) in one fully customizable platform. It has built in integrations will many bug trackers and automation tools (and a great API for the rest). The best part being its traceability between all stages of the process (use stories, tests, runs and issues), which can then be translated into custom built dashboard and reports for visibility and communication at all levels.
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