Test Explorer not showing the execution status

I have a test case with Test Data, using multiple data variations. When I am running this type of test case, it won’t show the execution status icon as passed/failed in Test Explorer.
And if the test case has failed, it won’t record the status at all, it keeps showing the status from a previously failed test.

I am attaching screenshots with an example when the test case failed, “LoginTest”

It won’t let me add the second screenshot in the original post.
I want to show the output of my failed test, which is failed. But in Test Explorer it’s just showing the passed status from a previous execution.

Hello Diana,

thx for reaching out.
Can you provide some further info here?

  • Which version of Studio are you using?
  • Where do the data variations come from? Excel or TestDataQueue or DataService?
  • In case it is an attached Excel, can you share the Studio project with us?

Any chance you