Test Execution are stuck in Cancelling status

Hello UIPath Community,

I was running test executions yesterday and noticed that the tests are stuck in Pending. When I tried to cancel it, it was then stuck in Cancelling status preventing me to start another execution. Can someone help in resolving this? Is there any way to purge current executions in orchestrator?

My robot is online in the machine with the Available status.
Here’s a screenshot of my runs in Orchestrator


Hello Mark,
No clue what the reason is, which is why I would suggest we take 30 mins in a zoom call to discuss. Could you pls get in touch via thomas.stocker@uipath?

Hello Thomas,

Sorry for replying late but it was already fixed. It got fixed for me after 4 days of being like that, I have no permanent solution if that happens but to wait for it over the weekends. I also tried to delete the very folder that have that stuck execution. My best guess is UIPath do not have a catch for stuck execution to be terminated after a couple of time? Only the devs would know. I would call it an orchestrator bug at this point.


Hi @MarkM

No worries about late replies! :slight_smile: I’ll mark this topic with a Complete tag, but feel free to come back to it in case the issue manifests itself again.