Test executed with no results in Test Manager Dashboard

Hi all,

In Version 22.4.18-release.1.
I’m getting a non expected result in Test Manager dashboard

After a testCase execution the Test result label is: 20220425.2214
start time is: 20220426 12:18:02 AM
end time is: 20220426 12:18:06 AM

I expected to see these results in the current day (26 april) but show: No results

Please help me out.

Thank you for your feedback @IgnacioGlezM

Any chance the different in the times can come from the timezone difference against the UTC timezone?

I will send it to our Test Manager team to have a look :slight_smile:

I confirmed with our team:

The name of the execution is having timestamp, but this is in UTC time. The start and end times in the execution details tab are shown in the user’s local time. This is why we have this difference in time.

And in the dashboard, the grouping is done based on UTC time now. So this particular execution is not falling under the bucket for 26th(UTC time).

We will look into updating our documentation to make it more clear.

The name of the test execution is a static string extracted from UTC time. This cannot be dynamic based on the time zone of the viewer.
Anyway, the only relevant date for dashboard is the reporting date. You can set it on the test execution to any date you like.

I hope that clarifies it.

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