Test cases in a test set trigger multiple logins to VDI/VM

Hello @ThomasStocker and @Gernot_Brandl,

We are currently working on a TA project where the above issue I described can decrease efficiency of our test cycle.

In this current scenario, we have a total of 331 test cases, each test case has to be run on 9 different instances and each of those test cases are data driven with a minimum of 7 variations.

(331 * 9 * 7) = 20853 Test case runs

Execution Time
Login using APP-V takes ~ 1,5 minute. Execution of test case takes ~ 1,5 minute and logout is instant - each test case execution will then take ~3 minutes

20853 * 3 = 62559 minutes

So in theory, UiPath will login to the machine 20853 times and due to the delay required by APPV there will be an idle time of (20853 * 1.5) 31279.5 minutes

If all test cases in a test set were to run without a forced logout i.e., if the UiPath Executor logged in once per test set, we at the minimum can save 31279.5 minutes! (assuming that we also have an uniform allocation of Test cases within a Test Set)

The USP of this project was that Automated Testing can improve test coverage and help test managers evaluate release candidates. The USP is hindered when a robot takes close to 44 days to run all test cases (using 1 testing robot) and ~10 days using all our testing licenses (4).

Our feature request in summary is to treat a Test Set as a single executor action and avoid logging off after execution of every test case in a test set.

Thank you for your efforts.