Test And Save Is Grayed Out In Orchestrator

In v21.10.4, why does not it allow to "Test and Save" Active Directory configuration (Enable checked) if Username and User Password is not entered?

Issue Description: The following are the differences between v20.10.7 and v21.10.4 for domain account login configuration:

  • v20.10.7: Enabling Windows authentication does not require a domain credential.

v21.10.4: Enabling Active Directory (Windows) authentication requires a domain username and the corresponding password. Without username/password for a domain account, I cannot enable Active Directory authentication (Test and Save button is disabled if Username/User Password fields are empty).


Hence in v20.10.7, changing service account password did not require IIS restart, but in v21.10.4, it does.


For v21.10.4, credentials are not required. Enable Kerberos Auth and it is no longer needed to enter any credentials(this is also recommended).