Tessreract OCR

웹 페이지에서 해당 영역을 클릭해서 스크린샷을 하게 한 후.
이미지를 불러와 해당 글자만 클립보드로 추출하고자 합니다.
이렇게 했을때 작동이 안되는데 어떻게 셋팅을 수정해야 할까요?!

Click on the area on the web page to have a screenshot.
You want to import an image and extract only its characters to the clipboard.
It doesn’t work when I do this, how do I fix the setting?!

Are the characters in the image Korean? It might be possible that Tesseract OCR doesn’t work well with Asian languages.

You could try OCR - Japanese, Chinese, Korean.


Sample output below from your forum post


Endpoints for the activity can be obtained from here: UiPath Document Understanding OCR for CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) Public Preview - News / Product News - UiPath Community Forum

엇 이렇게도 가능한가요?!
혹시 어떻게 하신걸까요?

변수나 이렇것도 셋팅을 어떻게 하셨는지 여쭤봐도 될까요?!

이런 오류 메시지가 뜹니다.

Sequence.xaml (10.3 KB)

Sample workflow attached. Before running the workflow you’ll need to populate the OCR engine activity with your API Key obtained from your UiPath Cloud account.

보내주신 시퀀스를 실행하면 다음과 같은 오류가 뜹니다.
컴퓨터 사양이 다르거나, 저장 위치가 다르기 때문인 걸까요?!

@sooyeon_Lim I think it’s because my sequence was built in a Windows project. I attached the whole project here, can you try? If you can only build Windows-Legacy projects then maybe you can start a new project and put in the same activities into your workflow.
TryOCR.zip (125.0 KB)