Terrible Performance When Using Double For Loop And Global Exception Handler

I recently came across the global exception handler, and have tried applying it in some processes which would often break due to one-time bugs which the exception handler could fix. However, in one process, I use a double for loop to cycle over a data table with about 10 000 rows. If I run the program without the global handler, it takes about 30 seconds. However, if I use the Global Exception Handler, it becomes so slow it is barely usable (Was at 5 minutes before I killed the process). This seems like a bug, seeing as the for loops only consist of basic comparisons and a replacement. Has anybody else had this experience? I expected about a 5% decrease in performance with the Global Exception Handler, but this way it’s unusable.

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Speed depends on the validations you have put. Can you share the xaml (without the sensitive content if there is)with me so that I can see what kind of validation/redundancies you are using?

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I am unable to post an attachment via the forum seeing as I am a “new user”. I can say that the error persists even when the for loops are both empty. Same behavior, just running very, very slowly.

See the link for the file.



Same issue :