Terms of use - Flex - Attended - Named User Licence


We have a Flex-attended-named User license (1 License), this license was assigned to User (John) and we have a bot (Floating bot), so about floating bot in this link

This document say “With one Named User license, one user can use UiPath Robot on a maximum of three machines at a time.”

My team understand that with only one Named User License (John’s License) we can open UiPath Assistant in three machines and sing in with John’s User and execute the floating bot on a maximum of three machines simultaneously. This is correct?

Can explain to us, the use about this license with floating bots please?

Yes, the assigned user can start Assistant on max 3 computers at the same time. The standard use case is a user who has a computer/laptop but also a VM/remote desktop on some other computer where some automations need to be executed (for example, there is some software that is only installed somewhere else and not on the local computer). Do remember that it needs to be the same human being on all 3 computers, you can’t share the user account & license.