Terminalconnection class documentation

I’m unable to find documentation about the TerminalConnection class to guide me in the use of its Disconnect method and the required CommandOption argument for the method


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Have a look below thread.


Thank you for your reply.

I have read that information previously, and it does not cover the information that I am seeking.

Could you direct me to documentation about these two classes?

  1. UiPath.Terminal.TerminalConnection (methods, members , etc.)
  2. CommandOptions (required in the call to the TerminalConnection class’ Disconnect method

Thank you,

Chris Pulaski


Are you looking for available Mainframe providers documentation in Terminal Session activity ?

If not can you please tell me what activity are you using or what error you are getting.


I am using the Terminal Session activity to establish a connection to a mainframe using Attachmate Reflection tool.

I save the TerminalConnection object to re-use in interactions with the mainframe.

After all processing is completed, I want to close the TerminalConnection using its Disconnect method.

There is no available documentation for the TerminalConnection class, nor for the CommandOption class required by the Disconnect method.

Thank you for your help.


Chris Pulaski

ensure on first and others the CloseConnection setting is not activated.

When done with all work use a last terminal session and activate the close connection option:

Yes, some documentation would be nice, but also falls into the protocol details. In some RnD we encountered that api usage was not reliable for. open/close/check connections

Will do!

Thank you so much for your help.


Chris Pulaski