Terminal wait

Hi All, is there in any way for the uipath to wait until the next screen is ready? I have automated a terminal where in navigating to different screens must be ensured that it is editable first before navigating again to a different one.

I would like also to note that the next screen is dynamically changing and some screen will be just on top of one another so i cannot use wait screen text for that to know what would be the next screen.

Specifically the one i was looking for is like Screen.WaitHostQuiet from older versions of extra attachmate. Cheers!

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Use GEY ACTIVE WINDOW activity and get the output variable from it with a variable of type window named out_window
—now pass this as a variable input to property Element in the property panel of GET ATTRIBUTE ACTIVITY
and get the output value of attribute aastate with a variable of type string

This will tell us whether the page is active or not with values like Focusable or UnAvailable

Cheers @Rjay

Thanks for the response! However i was talking about the terminal activity of uipath when manipulating mainframes