Terminal variable being removed by Garbage Collector?


Ran into an issue two nights ago which I’d be keen to get some others thoughts on.

We have a process in which we:

  1. Established a Terminal Session, and logged in
  2. Completed some file/datatable processing
  3. Started processing records through the terminal

We had a larger than normal payment file a couple of nights ago, and so we ended up with that file/datatable processing taking approximately 20 minutes.

As a result, when processing started, we received a terminal error. When I investigated, it wasn’t our terminal that had timed out (time out of a user session here is 90 minutes) and the terminal was still on the screen and logged in. What appears to have happened is the pointer to the session in UiPath had been cleaned up.

Any way I can extend this? We can workaround for now, but I’m sure it’ll cause problems in other processes. Anyway we can flag this as a pointer not to remove?

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Is there a chance that it got out of scope (f.e. due to error handling flow etc.)?
I didn’t encounter .Net GC cleaning up used references on it’s own (usually it’s the other way around and resources are not freed).

I don’t believe so, the process has been running fine in it’s previous arrangement for several weeks, additionally, the only change I made was to move the terminal session down the the bottom of the flow below (it used to be established at the top. As soon as this was done it worked immediately (basically the connection is established just seconds before we start using it)