Terminal unknown Error

Hi UiPath Team,

For past few months Terminal activities is good and working,
but when I try it now creating a new project Using same setup for last project I deployed this Error Occur,
I don’t know what kind error is this, this is a new error for me.

I am using IBM EHLLPI Provider. the location of
dll : C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\pcshll32.dll

when I try to test it out this error message appear
Could not load file or assembly ‘TelemetryClient’,Version = etc.


Can you please redownload the terminals package looks like its not properly downloaded


I already try uninstall and install terminal package it didn’t go well


Try to check if the pckage is available in %userprofile%\.nuget folder

If present delete th terminal folder package and then redownlod it

Its better to rename the project.json and then open main.xaml so that it also gets created again


I cant find the project in .nuget folder, maybe it’s because not yet publish.


Project.json file is to me renamed from the project folder where you have main.xaml etc

And UiPath.terminal.activiites package is tobe searched in the .nuget folder and removed

Hope this is clear


This is solved by downgrading terminal Package, Thank you for the reply @Anil_G

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