Terminal slow navigation with hotkeys




I am currently trying to automate a terminal process. I first tried to connect using a terminal session, but I couldn’t figure out how to keep the termianl editor to stay open, as I programmed the process. Every time I tried to automate a certain window in the terminal, I had to open a new terminal session and start from the beginning.

So I had to stop using the terminal session, and start using hotkeys to navigate, and type into to type. This works okay, it does everything I need to do, but it is super slow. In some windows I use as much as 8 tabs, to navigate to the input field that I want. Each tab is probably taking as much as 0.5-1 second. So that is problem 1.

Problem 2. I want this to be an unattended process, and this works whenever I active “sendwindowsmessage” button. However, I do use OCR to get text out from one window, and I can’t find a way to run this in the background. When OCR is running, it sets focus to the terminal window, therefore I can’t work on other processes while the program is running. Any ideas?