Terminal Session "Run in Process" Direct Connection

Release notes for the latest verion of Terminal Session activity says change the terminal session to direct connection.
Does anyone know what it means ?

Also the version has an option “Run in process” can some one elaborate on what this option is for and how it should be used ?

Hi @Srilalitha_Pusuluri

Please browse these topics for some more context:

Hi @Srilalitha_Pusuluri,

Terminal session, Provider “Direct Connection” means that you can automate with direct connection to the mainframe, you don’t need a terminal emulator. It is similar with what Internal Provider was in the older package version (1.3), only much better.

In case you select Provider “EHLLAPI”, there is an option “Run in Process” which is by default unchecked (package version 2.1). If this is unchecked, it means that a new process is by default created when using this type of provider (the same was when using the old version of the package). In this new version of the package you can check this option, and the additional process won’t be created. It is useful to have this option in case the additional process is blocked by security software.



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