Terminal Session: Reflection for UNIX


I am using Terminal Session to connect UNIX system. I am choosing Reflection for UNIX and choose the existing profile (*.r2w).

The terminal session shows error as below.

I am using Reflection for UNIX and Digital version 6.00

Thanks & Regards,
JothyPrasanth M

Seems like something in the ConnectionString is wrong such as the port number. I would suggest looking there and verifying the string has the correct values or even posting it if you can. You can get to the ConnectionString by first closing the wizard and going to Properties:

If you have Enterprise Studio, I would suggest using technical support just in case there is a lack of support for Reflection for UNIX; I know when we used Reflection for IBM, we needed to contact the support to help get support for Reflections. https://www.uipath.com/company/contact-us/contact-technical-support