Terminal Session invoke's lose connection

Suddenly, my Terminal session has started to use much time between the sequences.
Inside my sequence, I’ve used workflow with flow desicions.

See illustration. The left one is working (but for some reason now started to take much time when it picks up the existing connection.
Why can’t I use one connection and invoke the workflows as shown to the right? When I am trying this, the connection is lost inside the invoked workflows. Or spesific: When using xxx.connected.toString it gives True, nevertheless as a terminal activity is reached, as GetTextAtPosition, the connection is lost (Terminal error: NotConnected).


just sharing my thoughts for the above problem.

The terminal connection argument must be in/out argument i guess since we are using multiple invoke work flow activities. please check. earlier i have also faced problem same with the DB connections i have resolved changing the argument as in/out. Thanks.


Thanks for sharing thoughts!
Do you mean the in/out should solve the speed of the left example,
or should it solve the problem with the invokes in the right one?

could you please try in/out for the problem you are facing in invoke work flows in the right side ones.


Tried out your suggestion.
Result: Now they both lost their connections:
xxx.connected.toString gives False (WriteLine)
and GetTextAtPosition still fails (like before).





I am sorry about that. based on my prior experience i have shared the suggestion. Thanks